About Healthy Digital

Healthy Digital consultants all have one thing in common: we aim to build your business as if it was our own. We build real relationships with our clients to understand their challenges and constantly upskill to make sure we can find solutions for these problems. We have qualified staff leading from the top down, making sure our clients only ever deal with our senior team members who has the most industry experience.

We pride ourselves on helping everyone, from small business owners to large corporations. We have a particular interest in the health, wellness and fitness industries but do not exclude others. We also provide additional support to non-for-profit organisations and startups, offering cost-effective solutions which can work with small budgets and strict timelines.

Through consulting, strategy and project management we assist our clients in using the latest technological advances and tools to grow their businesses effectively. We are good listeners who understand that businesses are unique, and can tailor solutions based on specific needs. Our core values combined with our extensive skills set make Healthy Digital the agency of choice to establish or enhance your online presence.

"... while extraordinary products and unique services still afford a competitive advantage, the one advantage that stands the test of time...is people ..."


Our Consultants

Now standing by to become part of your team...

Liani Liebenberg

Liani Liebenberg

Strategy & Planning
(IT Solutions Consultant)
Kim Liebenberg

Kim Liebenberg

Marketing & Branding

Louise McCarthy

SEO Content Writer and Strategist

Yuz Rozenblum

Marketer & Social Media Strategist

Karishma Pendre

Senior Account Manager
(Planning, Project Management & Quality Control)

Airen Beltran

Account Manager
(Project Management & Quality Control)

Rommel Pendre

Lead Developer
(Web Design & Development)

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