Are Your Business Challenges Being Addressed?

My latest light-bulb moment was born at a community event in celebration of the opening of a local play park, two doors down from where we live. It was a small intimate community event, the kind of thing you normally go to on a Sunday because it is local and well, free. I had a wonderful time mingling with the locals and getting to know the other parents better. Yet I was surprised to hear different languages around me and to observe different ethnic and age groups living in our area; partly because most of them are private people who keep to themselves, but mostly because I had a complete misconception about our local community demographic. And what was my (incorrect) assumptions based on? Well, mostly hearsay and ignorance I guess!

I had such a lovely time at the park that day getting to know my community that it has inspired me to take a good look at the other assumptions I operate on, especially bringing it home to how we run our business.

Know your Audience

And it made me realise how much we are basing our opinions and decisions on assumptions – some more educated guesses than others – but how wrong most of them could be. As a digital agency working with allied health predominantly, the main message we always try to instill in our clients is to really know their target audience; yet, we are not following our own good advice to really try and understand how we can better serve our audience – OUR local park community.

The reality is: sometimes you have facts and statistics available which will allow you to understand your target audience better, but – in my experience – there normally are some unproven and unknown variables that involve a bit of guess or trial-and-error work. But based on my recent park enlightenment I think we should be making a bigger effort to eliminate some of the unknowns, and what better way to do that than to start a conversation with our audience and getting the answers to our questions straight from the source.

Tell Us What You Need

So with that in mind, here is what I would like to do now.

I would like to invite all allied health providers to help us refine how we can better service our connections, to help us add value and offer real solutions to problems.

We produce blogs aimed specifically at the allied health sector, but our content ideas might very well be left of centre and not resonating with any of you. What would you like to learn more about? What content can we prepare for you that is not your typical ‘Top 10 this’ or ‘Best guide ever to that’? If you are as sick of getting fluff in your feeds as we are, please help us help YOU better. Simply post your content ideas here or send them to We would be over the moon if we could interview a few of you to really understand some of your business challenges, or perhaps you would like to contribute to our blog series yourself to provide some insights into that. All help will be greatly appreciated, so please get in touch if you want to be part of this exciting conversation.

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