• Mobile-Friendly Website

Whittens Physiotherapy Centre approached Healthy Digital to replace an old in-house developed website with an interactive website that would offer website users a rich user experience online. Our team used the Firefly Composer website builder to deliver a website that provides a broad overview of common conditions Whittens Physiotherapy Centre treat, together with the core services delivered by the Whittens Physiotheray Centre staff. A blog was implemented to allow Lena to share exercise sheets with readers, and a simple subscribe form on the website further extends this functionality to reach a wider audience than just the current patient list. The result was an appealing (mobile-friendly and optimised) website that caters for a wide spectrum of different ages, genders and devices.

  • Newsletter

In an effort to save postages costs and to reach existing clients and subscribers online on more mediums, Healthy Digital developed two Mailchimp email templates which Whittens Physiotherapy Centre now use to distribute monthly newsletters. On average, open rates are 39.2 % and click rates 5.04 %, which are well above the industry standards of 14.2 % (open rate) and 1.5 % (click rate).

  • Maintenance Plan

Whittens Physiotherapy Centre has signed up for Healthy Digital's annual Maintenance plan, which means we perform regular WordPress core, theme and plugin upgrades on the site. We provide daily backups and test the website layout, performance and mobile responsiveness post every upgrade, ensuring that the website continues to function seamlessly and without any issues.

  • Facebook Marketing

During 2018 Healthy Digital implemented 2 Facebook campaigns for Whittens Physiotherapy Centre. The first was a local awareness campaign where the estimated Ad Recall Lift Rate was 2.61 % (at a cost of $0.31 per result). The second campaign promoted postural assessments to the local community and delivered 21 clicks at a cost of $1.39 per result.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

Project implemented SEO Yoast, blog cross-linking and local SEO techniques to increase organic Google traffic by 106.68 %, and organic Bing traffic by 42 % when comparing the periods prior and post the optimisation. Progress is monitored in Google Marketing Platform and Google Search Console to help Whittens Physiotherapy Centre analyse year-on-year growth, and to demonstrate how the increase in traffic is growing a bigger caseload for Whittens Physiotherapy Centre.

  • Social Media Management

Healthy Digital re-configured and optimised both Whittens Physiotherapy Centre's Facebook and Instagram pages, curated content and shared blog/social media campaigns on the feeds. Comparing the period we were responsible for social media management to the preceding months, social Media traffic increased by 1766.67%!

  • Digital Marketing Strategy and SLA

Whittens Physiotherapy Centre and Healthy Digital have been working in close collaboration under a Service Level Agreement since 2018. Healthy Digital is continuously seeking out new avenues to increase Whittens Physiotherapy Centre's visibility, both off and online.  The focus remains increasing the caseload and to appoint additional staff to cope with demand.

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